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A great movie night. August 23, 2012

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A movie I love is called “Julie And Julia.” (  It is taken from the novels,  Julie and Julia by Julie Powell and My Life In France, by Julia Child.  I haven’t read the books yet because they’re written for adults but, I love the movie and have grown to like the Julia parts more and more every time I watch it.  Julia Child is played by Meryl Streep and stars in the movie along with Amy Adams as Julie Powell, Chris Messina as Eric Powell, and Stanley Tucci as Paul Child.  Each scene is funny and creative in different ways.  I like to dream that I have Julia Child’s life in Paris.

Julia Child is an icon for many different things, but what got her all that respect?  She was just like us, a normal human-being from California, and when she found food, she knew what she loved and she tried and worked at it.  She was a nice lady, (not that I ever met her), and she gave her time to what she loved and she excelled at it.  She found true happiness in food and she was sharing her happiness around the world teaching people to cook.  That is why I think she is an amazing lady.  To all my readers, choose for yourselves what you think got her that respect and happiness.

As for me it is a five star movie and for all you food lovers out there this is the perfect movie for a home night or a family night!


One Response to “A great movie night.”

  1. Nancy Tandon Says:

    Doing what you love can lead to happiness: great life lesson! And a yummy one for chefs! : )

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