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The Best Cannolis In The World!!!! July 25, 2012

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I have been going to the city of Boston since I was a baby and if you read my post ,BOSTON, you would already know that.  There are some of those places that you will always remember and go back to.  There is a place like that for me.  My place that will always make me happy, besides being in the city of everything wonderful, is  place in the North End of Boston – Mikes Pastry. ( Mikes Pastry can cheer you up any time, just walking up to those gleaming gold lights with a mile long line going out the door.  This past spring when we went there we stood outside the building for not a long time(Don’t worry about the line –  it goes by in 5 minutes.) and when we got inside and were looking around the place it was time for us to order.  We always know what we’re going to get.  It’s our very favorite – cannolis.  When it was our turn my sister, Clara, asked if she could order our treats herself.  My mom told her to order 4 chocolate ricotta cannolis.  My mom meant to say, ricotta cheese cannolis with chocolate chips on the sides.  My sister ordered them thinking they were the right ones and we left.  When we got back to the hotel room we opened the box and noticed they were different than what we wanted.  The ricotta was light brown – flavored with cocoa.  We took a bite and they were so much better than the plain cheese ricotta ones that we always get.  We went back to Mike’s the next night and the day after that  and ordered even more!

Last summer, we hosted two exchange students, one from Spain and one from Italy.  One weekend in mid-Jul,y we took Benedetta, the one from Italy, to Boston while Sandra went on a trip with their program to New York. Benedetta fell in love with the city and recently went to Boston for her second year.  Anyway, that weekend as we were going to dinner with her I asked her if she liked cannolis.  She said “What is a cannoli?”  I was shocked when I heard this because she lives were they are probably made constantly.  As I went to answer her I described what they were and what they looked like, she just shook her head no.   After dinner that night we took her to Mike’s pastry and ordered eight cannolis.  When we got back to our room she tasted one and made a face we had to take a picture of.  She ate her second one when Clara and I saved ours.  She was in love!

So, don’t forget that if you are ever in the capital of Massachusetts don’t question it.  Just go to Mike’s Pastry!


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