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Boston June 23, 2012

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This past week-end I went to my favorite place in the whole world – Boston.  I have loved the city since I was a tiny baby.  My family and I went to a restaurant called Strega (   As soon as I walked in, I felt that it would be a good review.  Strega is located centrally in the North End, on Hanover Street.  The wait to get a table was a little longer than usual, but, it was Saturday night  in Boston.   I ate fried calamari for appetizer, a truffle pappardelle with cream sauce for my entree, and a delicious tiramisu for dessert.  Strega was very generous with their truffles, cream, and cheese.  That, of course, is not a problem to me because I love all three of those things.  My sister ate eggplant melanzana for appetizer and housemade four cheese ravioli in a tomato basil cream sauce for her dinner.   She loved them both but made sure to leave room for dessert.   My mom ate sea bass. I tried it for the very first time.  I generally don’t care for fish but, this one was very good and probably excellent to everybody else in the world.  The fish was pan-seared and then poached in a caper/tomato/wine broth.  Yum! My father had a Sicialian surf-and-turf which was actually braised short ribs and lobster in a tomato lemon broth.  He ate it all!   The interior of this restaurant was very neat.  It was dark but still light with all the windows at the same time.  My sister and I were allowed to wait near the bar (but we couldn’t sit at it,) which was nice for us.  I don’t see that often.  Our waiter, Carl, was great.  There was this moment I will never forget.  Carl was bringing our dessert and the other waiter, Gianni,  was bringing my parents coffee.  He said “Heres something for you.”  It was a coffee cup I thought was filled.  Right after he said that, he held onto the spoon and let go of the cup.  It looked as if a cup full of steaming hot coffee was about to pour onto me and my dress.  I let out a squeal, and then I knew it was fake.  My family and I started to laugh.  Out of a score from 1 – 10,  I give Strega a 10 and so much more.  After this awesome night I want to go back to Boston just to eat there again.  We all agreed that it was more than excellent!


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  1. Reblogged this on Skipping Stars Cuisines and commented:
    This is how Calamari is suppost to look. Not those little rubberbands we so often are served.

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