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Caviar June 12, 2012

Filed under: food — kcoleary @ 5:26 pm

When I first fell in love with caviar, I was in Quebec, Canada, at an amazing restaurant called St. Honore.  My mom ordered an appetizer with caviar in it.  I devoured it.  Recently, at my local grocery store I saw that they were selling caviar.  There were all different  kinds in the seafood section.  I begged to get some, but of-course the one I like is the Russian caviar.  I didn’t get any that day because the one I wanted was too expensive.  My mom said, “maybe for your birthday.”   It finally came to the three days before my birthday, and I remembered the promise.  I asked my mom for some, but considering I was having a party with a bunch of 8-10 year old girls, I would  probably  be the only one eating it.  We had a delicious butternut squash and sage risotto and a spinach and strawberry salad, instead.  My girlfriends loved it.   Since I can’t get the caviar that I want, my second choice is tobiko – another type of fish egg.  I get it at the sushi restaurant right down the street.  Tobiko is orange and is served wrapped in white rice and seaweed.  It is one of my favorites. To all my followers, you should definitely try caviar (especially the Russian kind!)


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