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Boston June 23, 2012

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This past week-end I went to my favorite place in the whole world – Boston.  I have loved the city since I was a tiny baby.  My family and I went to a restaurant called Strega (   As soon as I walked in, I felt that it would be a good review.  Strega is located centrally in the North End, on Hanover Street.  The wait to get a table was a little longer than usual, but, it was Saturday night  in Boston.   I ate fried calamari for appetizer, a truffle pappardelle with cream sauce for my entree, and a delicious tiramisu for dessert.  Strega was very generous with their truffles, cream, and cheese.  That, of course, is not a problem to me because I love all three of those things.  My sister ate eggplant melanzana for appetizer and housemade four cheese ravioli in a tomato basil cream sauce for her dinner.   She loved them both but made sure to leave room for dessert.   My mom ate sea bass. I tried it for the very first time.  I generally don’t care for fish but, this one was very good and probably excellent to everybody else in the world.  The fish was pan-seared and then poached in a caper/tomato/wine broth.  Yum! My father had a Sicialian surf-and-turf which was actually braised short ribs and lobster in a tomato lemon broth.  He ate it all!   The interior of this restaurant was very neat.  It was dark but still light with all the windows at the same time.  My sister and I were allowed to wait near the bar (but we couldn’t sit at it,) which was nice for us.  I don’t see that often.  Our waiter, Carl, was great.  There was this moment I will never forget.  Carl was bringing our dessert and the other waiter, Gianni,  was bringing my parents coffee.  He said “Heres something for you.”  It was a coffee cup I thought was filled.  Right after he said that, he held onto the spoon and let go of the cup.  It looked as if a cup full of steaming hot coffee was about to pour onto me and my dress.  I let out a squeal, and then I knew it was fake.  My family and I started to laugh.  Out of a score from 1 – 10,  I give Strega a 10 and so much more.  After this awesome night I want to go back to Boston just to eat there again.  We all agreed that it was more than excellent!


Caviar June 12, 2012

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When I first fell in love with caviar, I was in Quebec, Canada, at an amazing restaurant called St. Honore.  My mom ordered an appetizer with caviar in it.  I devoured it.  Recently, at my local grocery store I saw that they were selling caviar.  There were all different  kinds in the seafood section.  I begged to get some, but of-course the one I like is the Russian caviar.  I didn’t get any that day because the one I wanted was too expensive.  My mom said, “maybe for your birthday.”   It finally came to the three days before my birthday, and I remembered the promise.  I asked my mom for some, but considering I was having a party with a bunch of 8-10 year old girls, I would  probably  be the only one eating it.  We had a delicious butternut squash and sage risotto and a spinach and strawberry salad, instead.  My girlfriends loved it.   Since I can’t get the caviar that I want, my second choice is tobiko – another type of fish egg.  I get it at the sushi restaurant right down the street.  Tobiko is orange and is served wrapped in white rice and seaweed.  It is one of my favorites. To all my followers, you should definitely try caviar (especially the Russian kind!)


Himalayan Pink Salt June 5, 2012

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Last night I received a question from one of my followers.  He asked me what kind of salt I use.  His question prompted me to write this blog post.  Himalayan pink salt from Pakistan contains 84 trace minerals, including iodine (which is really important to a healthy body-just don’t eat too much salt!)  Himalayan pink salt is hand-mined from salt deposits that are 250,000,000 years old.  It’s great for cooking.  Himalayan pink salt is light pink & white in color.  Here’s a hint-  the more colorful the salt is the more vitamins it has.  In our house we use Himalayan pink salt.  We don’t eat a lot of salt, but sometimes we really do need it!


FENNEL!!!!!!!!!!! June 4, 2012

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Fennel is one of my favorite foods.  It tastes almost like an onion but has a little  licorice kind of flavor.  My mom used to make it and I couldn’t stand it! I can’t even believe that once was true! We grow our own but sometimes we buy it from our local grocery store.  We usually saute our fennel with a little olive oil and salt and put it hot on top of our salads, or, we make a delicious pizza with the fennel as a topping.  Any way, did you know that ancient Roman warriors used to eat fennel for strength?  Here is one of my favorite recipes for fennel:

You will need:

One fennel bulb

Fig reduction or paste

Extra virgin olive oil

1 Roma tomato

Basil – torn or shredded

Pizza dough ( you can make your own but you can also buy some bagged and frozen at your grocery store).

Fresh buffalo mozzarella



Take your pizza dough and knead it until all the air is out.  Make your pizza dough thin.  Saute your fennel with a pinch of salt and some extra virgin olive oil until toasty brown.  Slice some mozzarella and lay it on the dough.  Wash your basil and tomato.   Slice your tomato and place the slices on your pizza.  Take some of your basil and sprinkle it on your pizza as well.  Take your fennel and put it on.  Drizzle Extra virgin olive oil and the fig (what ever one you use).  Bake your pizza for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.  Slice and plate.  Buon Appetito!


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